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40 years of Business: A message to our customers

As I write this first blog post I think its important to reflect on where Cataract Steel has been while also letting our customers know where we will be heading in the future. As our customers know Cataract Steel is entering it's 40th year in business serving world wide customers with heat transfer solutions. We pride ourselves on competitive pricing, quick deliveries and quality work, which we have always supported. As we look to the next 40 years, don't expect those three key deliverables to change.

So what will change? As we move forward, expect to see a much more interactive experience with Cataract Steel. We have enlisted a few new partners to allow us to take our Engineering experience and help provide thought leadership into the market. Over the next few months we will be rolling out not only a blog which will provide current trends and industry specific takes but also videos, social media and use case studies to highlight how we can better serve the industries in which we focus. This is a new step for us and we hope to provide our customers and prospects a place to better understand how heat transfer solutions can help their business'. Stay Tuned…….