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Private Systems Inc. Acquisition

It has been six months since we announced our acquisition of Private Systems, Inc. Our integration efforts are nearing completion. It has been exciting to complete this process which brought us not only extremely talented people but also an expanded customer base. Our initial motivation behind the acquisition was to add talented people and capacity, but we have been very fortunate to also acquire some strategic customers. We hope that this is the beginning of what will be long partnerships. We realize how competitive our industry and know our biggest advantage is our service.

As our customers know it starts in the quoting process, continues in the design phase, and finishes with on time deliveries. Of course, there are always unexpected issues that come up but we eagerly accept those challenges, it's another opportunity to provide great service. Over the next few months, we will be adding content to our blog that is more industry specific to our customers heat transfer solutions. Please continue to check back and follow us on social media.